Erik Cedervall

Erik Cedervall - CV

Painter, graphic artist, sculptor, born in Stockholm 1923, dead June 10, 2013.

Erik Cedervall's education at the higher art schools in Stockholm and Paris has concerned painting, drawing, and additional courses in graphic techniques, mainly copper print and lithography.

He was particularly recognized by art critics as a figurative and portrait painter. However, his production also includes a large number of landscape pictures, mostly from the Swedish west coast and France, town pictures, interiors and still-lifes, free compositions, often as collages, in metal, wood or glass and on some occasions as al fresco, stucco lustro and mosaics.


1941-46 Swedish University College of Arts, Crafts and Design "Konstfack"(Master of Drawing). 1947 Otte Sköld's School of Painting.
1947-53 Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm (Master of Fine Arts).
1949-50 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.


1949-50 Scholarship from the French government.
1953 Scholarship from Helge Ax:son Johnson's Foundation.
1954 Scholarship for mosaic studies, School of Ravenna and Sicily, Italy.
1955 The Large Grant of Swedish Art Lottery.
1986 Capri scholarship from the San Michele Foundation.
1991 State project grant for France.
1993 Larger state grant.
1998 Scholarship from the Grez-sur-Loing Foundation.
A number of state and municipality scholarships and grants.

Solo exhibitions

Debut at Gallery Aesthetica in Stockholm 1954, Stockholm 1957,
Södertalje 1960, Helsingborg 1962, Sandviken 1963, Köping 1964, Jönköping 1968,
Stockholm 1970, Ängelholm 1973, Helsingborg 1974, Laholm 1976, Halmstad 1977,
Stockholm 1980, Stockholm 1982, Sollentuna 1986, Falkenberg 1989,
Kiruna 1990, Varberg 1990, Stockholm 1991, Nyköping 1991, Sollentuna 1992, Orsa 1993,
Höganäs 1993, Gothenburg 1994, Stockholm 1994, Leksand 1994, Saltsjöbaden 1995,
Stockholm 1995, Stockholm 1997, Kungsbacka 1998, European Parliament, Strasbourg 1999,
Paris 2000, Stockholm 2002, Falkenberg 2002, Sollentuna 2004, Stockholm 2008, Sollentuna 2010,
Sollentuna 2012, retrospective exhibition.

Group exhibitions

First public appearance at the National Museum's exhibition Young Drawers in 1940 (portrait of my father and self portrait). Spring Exhibition at Liljevalchs in Stockholm several times. Exhibitions at the Society for Swedish Artists and the Swedish Society of Graphic Arts, Jubilee Exhibition at Liljevalchs 1985, triennials of graphic arts in Norrköping-Linköping 1986 and Gothenburg 1989, Triennial of Drawing at Landskrona 1998.

5th International Drawing Biennal, Cleveland, UK 1981 (in Billingham Art Gallery, Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, the Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead and the House of Commons, London). International performances through group and touring exhibitions in Scandinavia, England, France, Spain, Portugal and Austria. Internet exhibitions (graphics, collage, painting).


Modern Museum of Art in Stockholm with drawings and water color paintings, Swedish State Art Council, as well as a number of state collections, county and other community collections.

Public assignments

Central library of Enköping 1952-53 (tempera painting), central library of Sundbyberg 1959 (glass paintings), swimming hall of Sundbyberg 1977-78 (aluminum relief), Båstad geriatric hospital 1984 (concrete tiles with mosaics). Performed about 80 honorary portraits.

Portrayed persons from public life, among others
Jan Eric Almqvist, professo (Roman Rights) Hans Asplund, professor i (Architechture)
Hans Blix, Foreign Minister, Director General, IAEA Sven Borelius, CEO, Euroc
Göran Borg, professor (Mathematics), head principle at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Johan Bottheim, CEO, Siemens AB
Jane Cars, psychologist Hadar Cars, Minister, Foreign Trade
Bo Casten Carlberg, founder of EF (economical management) Arvid Cederqvist, market managing director, Folksam
Sven-Henrik Christianson, municipality chairman, Falkenberg Ole Dalgaard, chief physician at the Rikshospitalet in Copenhagen
Monica Eriksson, chief physician Arne Geijer, chairman, Swedish Trade Union Confederation
Jan Gästrin, professor (Psychiatry) Stig F. Hansson, chairman, Federation of Swedish County Councils
Gösta Harding. chief physician, psychiatrist Ernst Herslow, CEO, Cardo
Pontus Hulten, director, Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, director, Centre Pompidou, Paris Rune Höglund, bank managing director, chairman
Olle Johnsson, managing director, Swedish Postal Giro Service Sven Kypengren, CEO, HSB (largest Swedish apartment organization)
Eskil Källquist, chief governmental administrator Albin Lind, editor, Swedish Trade Union Confederation
Frans Malmros, chairman, Malmros International Alva Myrdal, ambassador, Nobel laureate
Kurt Rydé, CEO, Pripps Bryggerier (Brewery) Allan Samuelsson, head of fire brigade
Arne Saeby-Olsson, municipality chairman, Höganäs Nils Skoog, CEO, Hallands Lantmän (Farmers' organization in western Sweden)
Karl Nilsson, CO, SAS Arthur Sköldin, member of Parliament
Axel Strand, chairman, Swedish Trade Union Confederation Allan Wrebo, CEO, Hälsinge Power Company
Karl Nilsson, CO, SAS Bertha Weill, pianist Janos Solyom's grandmother
Evert Taube, troubador, composer, author  



Guest lecturer at the Cultural Festival in St Veit an der Glan, Austria 1971.
Teacher in portrait painting at the Gerlesborg School 1984-89 in Sweden and Provence, France 1987-88.
Published articles in daily and professional press about the freedom of art, art critics and the socioeconomic conditions of artists.
Winner of the year 1997 Grand Prix in the international class for painting at the Cultural Festival in St-Malo, arranged by La Société des Poètes et Artistes de France.

Memberships of art societies

Society of Swedish Artists (Svenska Konstnärernas Förening)
National Organization of Swedish Artists (Konstnärernas Riksorganisation)
Society of Graphic Arts (Grafiska Sallskapet, Sweden)
House of Graphics (Grafikens Hus, Sweden)
Society of Nordic Water Color Painters (Nordiska Akvarellsällskapet)
la Societe des Poetes et Artistes de France
La Federació d'Artistes ACEA (Spain)


Nytt Svenskt Konstnärsgalieri (Svensk Facklitteratur 1966)
Svenska Konstnärer (VäBo Förlag 1987)
320 Grafiker (Pedagogforiaget 1984)
AlIgemeines Kunstlerlexicon (Saur Verlag, 1997), Germany

All pictures and photos: Erik Cedervall © 2013